COSMEDVIEW LTD was founded in 2015 by Mr Constantinos Kyriacou and operates in the field of LED Lighting Innovative Solutions, Healthcare technology and Automated Retail Shop machines.

Our staff are Licensed Member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber) and Licensed Member of EMS ( Electrical & Mechanical Services).

We have the knowledge and the experience to guide you in order to reduce the Energy consumption at your place. We are in the position to provide you with Innovating Solutions such as LED Lighting technology.
Save Energy, Save Money.

Our company is the official distributor in Cyprus of Pharmalogic SRL. Pharmalogic SRL develops and manufactures Automated Retail Shop machines (vending machines) of high-performance, with particular attention to detail that make the difference in terms of sales effectiveness for a quick return of investment. Our Vending machines are installed in pharmacies, hotels, touristic areas, retail shops, airports, university campuses and many other places. 

Our vending machines are supported and maintained by an experienced license trained staff. We visit the place that you want to install the vending machine and with our experience we guide you for the right solution according to your needs. The software technology that our vending machines support it gives us the ability to control our vending machines 24 hours from a distance and detect any service errors. In this way the repair time and money losses are reduced.


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