This medical device works on the principle of re-balancing the blood stream from its acidic state (as caused by excessive exposure to positive electrons in the environment) back to the body's original weak alkaline state. It does so by producing high voltage negative ions and transferring it into the human body which helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system.        

This device delivers 60 pulses per second to help alleviate the symptoms of neck/shoulder stiffness, headache and constipation, etc.

Model: D-178

The electric potential therapy device turns high single voltage charge into (negative) electric potential and when sent through the body, it allows for a readjustment of the body's irregularity of positive ions. 

Through introducing high voltage (not current) and recreating the nature's electric field, the machine works to converting acidic blood into a weak alkaline state and alleviate symptoms of headache, shoulder pain and constipation.


● Conforms to low electric currant design and backed by professional licenses 

● Derived from Japan's  high electric potential therapy

● Adjust the balance of positive and negative ions by sending negative high single voltage into the body

● Low power consumption, extremely safe to use and easy to operate

● Excellent body ergonomics and contour is designed for the convenience of resting one's feet on the machine 

● Choose among -9KV, -6KV and -3KV to prevent habituality

● Suitable for home therapeutic and can be used by two individuals simultaneously

● Alleviate symptoms of neck and shoulder stiffness, headache and chronic constipation

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